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The best price for in-game items!

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Premium Ball Offers

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Do I need to create an account?


Nope! Simply click the "Log in" button up top and enter your assigned user key (instructions to find that appear when you click the button). Each purchase requires you to enter an email so we can send you a receipt for the transaction.

When will I get my stuff?


All items will be applied to your account once your transaction completes. Simply restart the PGA Tour Golf Shootout app and you should get a popup in the main menu allowing you to collect your rewards.

I can't see the Giveaway/Bundle/Item when I'm logged in!


Items on our Web Store have a limit to the amount that can be purchased or claimed. If you are logged in and cannot see an item, you may have already claimed or purchased that item. If, after restarting PGA Tour Golf Shootout, you haven't received your items, then you can contact our support team through the menu